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Lovane's infamous red box packaging being held by two hands.

Passionate about travel, it is in the land of samba, carnivals, parties and color that Sophia, the brand's founder, will have the revelation!

In Brazil women are uninhibited, they dare and even during their periods.

We French women, ambassadors of the country of fashion and elegance, should we content ourselves with simple panties, without charm and uncomfortable for a whole part of the month?

Nothing less was needed! Back in France, she decides it's time to put some of her travels in our panties!

With Lövane, Sophia dares to revolutionize your menstrual period with noble and eco-responsible materials, by creating Lövane, THE elegant, refined and sexy menstrual lingerie!

Lövane, is plural and will be able to advise its customers in order to become the companion brand, reliable, offering them the possibility of making the moment of menstruation no longer a period of rupture, but a continuity...