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Abella menstrual panties | Medium Flow

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As bold as they are comfortable, Abella menstrual panties enhance your silhouette with their high waist and refined lace. More than just menstrual panties, Abella is elegant and conscientious. It is available from 36 to 50, thus meeting all body types and also all flows ranging from medium to light.


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Soft and refined thanks to its recycled lace, Abella menstrual panties were designed by an Italian lacemaker with exceptional expertise. This innovative material is certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, without chemical substances. Made of a soft jersey fabric, it drains the flow towards the absorbent part of the panties to leave a dry feeling against the skin, so the mucous membranes breathe better and are less subject to irritation or bacteria.

Our panties are made up of an ultra-absorbent cushion made from charcoal, a bamboo, selected for its draining and anti-bacterial properties. It is woven with activated carbon for maximum odor capture, an innovation that brings you great comfort and protects you for up to 12 hours depending on your flow.

Rinse the lingerie with water before first use to activate the absorption agent. After each use, rinse in cold water then wash at 30° in a laundry net then air dry. If necessary, scrub every 6 months with percabonate.