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Introducing the Conformax system , the revolutionary technology developed by Lövane that perfectly combines the high performance properties of sport with elegance and refinement.

Conformax Ultime technology - Lövane lingerie
Using innovative material from the world of high performance sports, our panties are designed to keep you dry, thus limiting humidity and the proliferation of bacteria in the intimate area.
Conformax also goes beyond functionality by offering underwear that is also aesthetically elegant and refined. Our unique assembly, whose secret is jealously preserved, harmoniously combines the look of sports underwear with unrivaled sophistication.
Allows private parts to breathe safely and an experience of unparalleled comfort and style.

Our lingerie has a lifespan of at least five years. Purchasing one or more quality menstrual panties certainly represents a certain investment, however if you opt for this new mode of consumption with Lövane, your investment over five years will be less than that of classic disposable hygienic protection.
We have worked for you by carefully choosing high quality materials to support you during your cycles.
Nothing is lost... everything is transformed. At the end of the life of your absorbent cushion, you can use it as everyday lingerie.
No longer choose between elegance and safety, at Lövane we have thought of everything!
Discover a wide choice of panties with more or less high-cut cuts, decorated with delicate lace, offering quality worthy of lingerie lines.

The design is thought out in a Parisian workshop and production in France, Italy and Tunisia is carried out in an ethical and eco-responsible dynamic.