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Welcome to the world of Lövane, the high-end menstrual lingerie brand that combines comfort, style and functionality to offer you a period without compromise. We were born from a personal story, that of the founder who was discovered to have adenomyosis, a form of endometriosis. Long menstrual cycles have led to the use of prolonged conventional sanitary protection, resulting in cyclical intimate discomfort.
That's when she started looking for a healthier and more convenient alternative.

For this travel and lingerie enthusiast, it was in Brazil that she discovered revolutionary panties capable of containing menstrual flow without any leakage. Convinced of this new way of protecting herself, she decided to create her own line of menstrual lingerie, which combines the simplicity of everyday panties with the aesthetics of real style lingerie.

At Lövane, we believe that periods should not be a period of rupture, but a continuity during which women make no concessions, neither on their comfort nor on their femininity. Inspired by the cultural mix between Brazil, a country where women have a cult for the body, and France, where the know-how in terms of lingerie and the delicacy of the pieces are no longer to be proven, she has created a range of menstrual lingerie that meets the needs of all women, including those who have problems with menstrual cycles.

Our mantra is simple: well-being, safety and aesthetics. And since we are convinced that love is the basis of everything we do, that is why the brand bears the association of the first names of its sons.

Join us at Lövane and experience your period with confidence, without compromising your style and your health.