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I. Our products


What is menstrual lingerie?

Lövane menstrual lingerie discreetly incorporates absorbent protection that replaces conventional hygienic protection for optimum comfort and safety. This elegant protection allows you to spend up to 12 hours without leaking. Washable, Lövane lingerie is infinitely reusable. Very thin, it goes unnoticed under clothing.

All the research and development part has been meticulously carried out in order to offer a healthy product and guarantee safety worthy of classic sanitary protection and all this, thanks to sensual lingerie. To learn more about the products and the technology used, go to the Our Technology page.

Menstrual lingerie, for whom?

For all menstruating people who want to do without sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups, whether for environmental or economic reasons.


When should I wear my Lövane menstrual lingerie?

Whenever ! During your period of course, but also to prevent the onset of menstruation, postpartum, in the event of vaginal discharge or urinary leakage, but also during a sports session, to absorb perspiration.


How many models of Lövane lingerie do I need for a full menstrual cycle?

The ideal is to have at least 4 or 6 menstrual lingerie in order to cover the entire cycle and to rotate quietly while respecting the maintenance advice.


How to choose my menstrual lingerie?

You can choose your menstrual lingerie according to your flow, more or less abundant. As for the size, choose your usual lingerie size but if you hesitate between two sizes, choose the larger one in order to be comfortable during your period.

Since all cycles are different, the first time, test your lingerie quietly at home on a day of heavy menstruation, in order to realize the level of absorption you need.

How long can I wear my Lövane lingerie?

We offer different levels of absorption depending on the model (light, moderate, abundant) which guarantee protection for up to 12 hours.

How do I care for my Lövane menstrual lingerie?

After use, rinse it with cold tap water until the water runs clear. You can then wash your lingerie in the machine on a delicate programme, without fabric softener or softener, and without cleaning products which can attack the fibers of the protective assembly. Dry your lingerie in the open air, especially not in the dryer! For more information, go to the page how to take care of your Lövane lingerie .


What is my Lövane lingerie made of?

Lövane lingerie is made of a soft, comfortable, high-performance and durable material. There are 3 to 5 absorption layers depending on the model. There are 3 different fabrics: cotton, a charcoal absorption cushion in woven anti-odor and anti-bacterial bamboo, and a waterproof and microporous jersey.

Our fabrics come from France and Italy. We have done a lot of research to choose trusted suppliers who develop quality textiles from natural fibers and recycled materials.

You should know that all Lövane lingerie is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.


How do I clean my Lövane lingerie?

You can wash your Lövane lingerie by hand or in the washing machine, it's up to you!

Rinse your menstrual lingerie in cold water, until the water runs clear, then you can machine wash it at 30°C maximum. Whether you wash your lingerie by hand or in the machine, you should not put it in the dryer.

Find more information on How to take care of my Lövane lingerie .


What detergent to use?

All detergents are suitable, but it is preferable to use a liquid detergent with less than 15% fatty agent (you can see this on the back of the bottle).


Where is Lövane lingerie made?

We are committed to providing a quality product that meets the expectations of Lövane customers. Our materials come from France, Italy and Portugal.

Seamstresses, with invaluable know-how, make Lövane lingerie in workshops in France, Italy and Tunisia.

As soon as possible, we favor short circuits for our supplies and our partners.

Menstrual lingerie, is it an economy?

During her life it is estimated that a woman throws away between 100 and 150 kg of pads, tampons and applicators. The minimum cost is €1,500 over a lifetime. Menstrual panties are washable and reusable for up to 5 years, so we obviously save money!



II. Orders & deliveries


Where do you deliver?

We deliver anywhere in France with tracking, directly to the mailbox, as well as internationally in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


What are your delivery times and costs?

It will take 2 to 3 working days to receive the order.

Here are the delivery costs: 4.95€


In what do we receive Lövane lingerie?

In an eco-responsible approach, we have chosen to send your parcels in 100% biodegradable packaging and made in France with recycled materials.


A problem with the order? How to make a return ?

Stay vigilant when finalizing the order but if a last minute change is necessary, let us know as soon as possible on


Need help, have a question ?

Contact us on:

We will gladly answer all your questions.



III. How do I take care of my Lövane lingerie?

The pre-wash

First, when you receive your Lövane lingerie, it is important to pre-wash it before first use. This step activates its absorption power.


You can wash your Lövane lingerie by hand or in the washing machine, it's up to you! In all cases, it will be necessary to choose a quality liquid detergent, with less than 15% of fatty agent so as not to obstruct the fibers of the absorbent part.

Your lingerie can even be cleaned with your usual laundry, which avoids wasting water.


For machine washing

Rinse your menstrual lingerie in cold water until the water runs clear then you can machine wash it at 30°C maximum. The lingerie can be washed with the rest of the linen but to preserve the fabric and the lace, you can put it in a bag or a washing net.

To preserve lingerie for a long time, it is better not to use Marseille soap, fabric softener or stain remover and do not put it in the dryer or on a radiator.


For hand washing

You will also need to rinse your lingerie in cold water until the water runs clear. After wetting your panties in cold water, rub gently with a mild soap, insisting on the absorbent area. Be delicate so as not to damage the fabric. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Deep cleaning

If you feel like your period lingerie isn't absorbing or working as well, just scrub it with percarbonate, not to be confused with baking soda. You can practice this cleaning approximately twice a year in order to restore its absorbent capacities to your lingerie. Sodium percarbonate has stain-removing and deodorizing properties.


How to do ?

Heat water until it simmers and add 2 tablespoons of percarbonate of soda. Wait until the water becomes lukewarm so as not to damage the fabrics and then put your pre-washed menstrual lingerie in the basin. Let them soak for about 2 hours and rinse them thoroughly. Well, that's it !