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1. Prewash

First, when you receive your Lövane lingerie, it is important to pre-wash it before first use. This step activates its absorption power.

2. Washing

For machine washing:

Rinse your menstrual lingerie in cold water then you can machine wash it at 30°C maximum. The lingerie can be washed with the rest of the linen but to preserve the fabric and the lace, you can put it in a bag or a washing net.

To preserve lingerie for a long time, it is better not to use Marseille soap, fabric softener or stain remover and do not put it in the dryer or on a radiator.

For hand washing: After wetting your panties in cold water, rub gently with a mild soap, insisting on the absorbent area. Be delicate so as not to damage the fabric.

Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.    

3. Deep cleaning

If you feel like your menstrual lingerie isn't absorbing or working as well, just scrub it with percarbonate, not to be confused with baking soda.

You can practice this cleaning approximately twice a year in order to restore its absorbent capacities to your lingerie. Sodium percarbonate has stain-removing and deodorizing properties.

How to do ?

Heat water until it simmers and add 2 tablespoons of percarbonate of soda. Wait until the water becomes lukewarm so as not to damage the fabrics and then put your pre-washed menstrual lingerie in the basin. Let them soak for about 2 hours and rinse them thoroughly. Well, that's it !