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What if your hygienic protection was one of your most beautiful pieces of

With hormonal changes, the menstrual cycle is rarely a
cake walk. Lövane wants to support women who want it
to regain their femininity, their elegance, and their freedom of movement
during menstruation to better live this moment. 🩸

Concerned about the environment, the brand obliges and undertakes to use
only materials respectful of the body and the planet.

Thanks to a technology made up of four to five layers depending on the
models, our menstrual lingerie accompanies you throughout the
duration of your cycle and offers you optimal protection for up to 12
The first layer, the one in contact with the skin, provides softness and
feeling of staying dry thanks to its draining action towards the floors
bottom of the cushion.
The second layer, or even the third in case of heavy flow, is
made of charcoal: bamboo woven with activated charcoal for a
maximum odor capture.
The lining is made of a microporous jersey which allows to leave
pass the air without risk of leakage.
Finally the last part represents the visible material of the lingerie.
All the materials used are certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, without toxic substances for a better respect of the intimate balance.
That's not all ! our lingerie is guaranteed without nanoparticles.

No longer choose between elegance and security, at Lövane we thought of
All ! Discover a wide choice of models with more or less cuts
indented, decorated with delicate lace, offering a quality worthy of
lingerie lines.
The design is thought out in a Parisian workshop and the production in
France, Italy and Tunisia is carried out in an ethical dynamic and
environmentally friendly. ♻️

Farewell to the old panties that you take out of the back of the closet to avoid
to damage your most beautiful underwear!