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Pack - 2 Wonja menstrual panties

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The pack of two Wonja menstrual panties are specially designed for light menstrual flow and offer the convenience of being able to change easily thanks to their detachable design.

*For a more comfortable experience, we suggest sizing up as this model tends to run small*


Wonja menstrual panties are the ideal option for women looking for a comfortable, eco-friendly and practical solution to manage their light menstrual flow. Each pack includes two organic cotton panties.

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Thanks to its texture combining pure organic cotton with materials such as French recycled polyester and lace at the cutting edge of responsible innovation, Wonja menstrual panties have been designed to provide you with the greatest safety and the greatest possible comfort.
Our panties are made up of an ultra-absorbent cushion made from charcoal, a bamboo, selected for its draining and anti-bacterial properties. It is woven with activated carbon for maximum odor capture, an innovation that brings you great comfort and protects you for up to 12 hours depending on your flow.

Rinse the lingerie with water before first use to activate the absorption agent. After each use, rinse in cold water then wash at 30° in a laundry net then air dry. If necessary, unclog every 6 months.